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My Hanimex collection. I have a Fountain Force 2 system with games from New Zealand too. Will photo that on weekend or maybe being it in for you to look at?

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I had one of these Hanimex systems in Australia. Motor Cycle had the “jump” mode game, I used to play it for days on end! Excellent. That brown sport cartridge brings back memories. It spins me out to think that maybe like a lot of other people on here I’ve been playing video games for 37 years (Was just playing battlefield 4 on my playstation)

Kevin Phillips

That’s awesome! My mum had pre-ordered the Fountain game here in NZ so we could get the first releases on the day they came on market (I think around 1976-77). It was great – and she made us promise to not ‘waste money’ at the Dairy now that we’d gotten this machine.

Spiders Web, with its extremely irritating warble background sound, Laser attack, Invaders, Olympics… So many cartridges, and a lot of good times to be had.

Of course, the coin-munchers always looked better… Sorry mum. 😉

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