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One of the first web sites!

This is an image of one of the early privately run dial up web sites in Blackburn Melbourne.
It’s the only image left after all this time and that is me sitting at the console.
It ran on a dedicated phone line with an auto answer modem at the rocket speed of 300 bps (that is bits per second). The translation of that means with a perfect line, you got about 30 characters a second. The point of this is, that it was running on a Super 80 Mother-board with 8K of 8 bit memory. All loaded by tape on what should have been a game console.

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Helen Stuckey

Thanks for sharing this great image Craig.
Can you remember the years you ran the site?
It would be great to learn more about it. Who used it?
What was the content?
What were the biggest isues you faced?
Why did you start it?


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