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Posters from pictures

I recall wanting a poster of one of my favorite ZX Speccy games (ZUB). I’d just typed in (as you did back then) a printing tool that would allow pixels to be printed larger to create big prints. The Alphacom 32 printer I used was way superior to the ZX Printer – it produced a great result… Printed in around 3 strips, a bit of PVA glue onto a piece of paper and viole!

Wasn’t the best of course. Thermal paper doesn’t last the test of time. PVA glue was lumpy, and also made the paper soft and damp. And of course, its all in black-n-white. Colour printing wasn’t exactly easy back then… Hahaha…. 🙂

This piccy was 1986… I remember because I’m still wearing school uniform, whereas in the Form 7 year (the one after) there was no uniform requirement. It made dating this picture super-easy to work out. 🙂

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