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My very first use of a home computer

A Tandy CoCo computer was lent to me by a mate over the 83/84 Christmas break. I connected it to the TV and with help of my daughter, we were off and running. This got me “hooked” and purchased the Australian made 32k Microbee the following February. In 85 it was updated to a Computer-In-A-Book Microbee with a 3.5″ floppy drive (floppies were $10 each back then). Upgraded the CIAB to a Premium 128k Microbee in late 85/early86. I still have it and has since been updated to a Premium Plus+ in 2012. Now with a new set of keys, more memory, SD card reader, etc it simply flys. The MSPP has just about all the games, well all the main ones, so every now and then I still fire it up to play Defender, Emu Joust, Scrambler, King Kong, Scavenger, King Tut, Cosmic Fighter, etc. I still havent finished Bunyip Adventure, I’m still working on that one 🙂
Back in 86, I started converting games listed in magazines but written for other computers (Apples ][e, Commodore, TRS-80) to run on the Microbee. For some it was easier to write them from scratch than to convert. Was all good fun. I even converted, only last year, an early TRS-80 game written in Z80 machine code to run on the Microbee.
I could go on for ever, I think I should stop now.

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