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Its all in the Algorithms…

Often before any coding begins, I would transfer the plan in my head about just how things worked down onto paper. Sometimes I needed paper to draw up visuals, or to scribble bench tests for code to make sure that the numbers would add up/work.

This I recently dug up, a plan for writing a centipede arcade game clone on the ZX Spectrum. All the algorithms and concepts were in place, as well as a couple of pages of Z80 Assembler at the end. I even dug up the original source file on tape for this (called “Armourpede” (its what it says at the top when loaded in ZEUS assembler)) and from memory I seem to recall that this is all about animating a centipede on screen… (Hmmm, now I’m going to have to review it and test it)

Its how games would start (including the many old basic games from many years prior) – however not all game designs were written as neatly in books, but instead a variety of loose bits of paper that will have been lost over time.

For anybody interested in reading this document (scanned last week from start to end) then you can grab a PDF file here:

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