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learning by example – typing in games from Magazines

Quite recently, I managed to recover a handful of old cassette tapes with games I typed in from magazines saved on them. To my surprised, literally all of these actually worked and I hence went on to archive them online for anybody interested in playing them (I’ll post the links at the end of this speel).

That’s pretty much where and how I think many people (including myself) built their skills in games programming. I recall getting new magazines each week, sitting at home and typing in loooong listings of games to play.

Sometimes they were awful, sometimes they were pretty cool… If it was a great game, it got saved. These days, its funny to think how much time I’d spend typing in a game to just type “NEW” and start a new one… Without saving…

These days – if I do something that takes time, I’ll save it and back it up somewhere. Obviously, I don’t have to dig around for a blank cassette when I can just save immediately onto the hard drive of a PC.

The videos I recorded when a request was made on Facebook for material to be part of the “From Bedrooms to Billions” documentary (Due out in May – can’t wait). But enjoy the watch as I prove that old age doesn’t make me a better game player! 😀

For those interested in running these on an Emulator, the files can be downloaded from here – in TZX (virtual cassette) format:

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BTW – note that this video is part of a playlist of 10 or so – Click on the playlist name at the top of the video to open it up on Youtube…

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