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80s gaming – Commodore 64

This is me enjoying one of my earliest gaming experiences in the early 80s. The system was the Commodore 64, and my parents figured that computers were likely to be important in the future and so they wanted to make sure that we grew up surrounded by them. The 64 was particularly useful for early digital literacy development because it had some very basic programming built into the OS interface.

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Thanks Chad. Great image. Concentration is thy name… Do you remember what game it was?

Helen Stuckey

Great picture Chad. Thank you for sharing. Do you remember what you are playing in the picture that required that look of extreme concentration?

Jo Hocking

Along with the Soda Stream and the trampoline, the Commodore 64 was a reason to go to another kid’s house after school or on the weekend in the 80’s. I remember the glory days of River Raid, International Soccer, Wizard of Wor and Pitfall. It brought kids together but also showed up the joystick hogs. If you had a Commodore 64, you would soon have ‘friends’. I suspect I looked a lot like the kid above except that I was a girl. 🙂

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