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Ron Harris was a Brisbane-based engineer.  According to Vaughan Clarkson, he worked shift work on ABC TV transmission.  Outside the hours of his ABC roster, he apparently ran (?) Microbee’s national publishing arm, Honeysoft.  Clarkson recalls going to his house:

“He had this amazing, from my point of view, a totally amazing cave underneath his house which had everything a kid like me could dream of having.  He had, you know because he was really running, he was running a business so he had I think every model of Microbee that had been produced to that point.  And in some cases, several terminals of each type, his own custom made thing which I thought was great and massive tape copying decks.  So of course we were still in the days of tape, cassette tape distribution so he had this one to eight or one to 16 thing where he put the master in here and 15 other tapes and he was busy producing those things.”

 Harris’ contribution to “Hoards of the Deep Realm” was as a mentor on microcomputer programming and the industry in general.  He was also Clarkson’s employer in casual/holiday work for Honeysoft and Microbee.

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