Games suitable for: Cassette

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron

“Asterix and the Magic Cauldron” is based on the characters and the world of the “Asterix” comic books. The aim of the game is to take Asterix and Obelix on a journey to collect all seven pieces of Getafix’s broken […]  Read More »

Bunyip Adventure

“Bunyip Adventure” is a conventional text adventure that is set in outback Australia. The top half of the screen displays your current static position. The bottom half logs dynamic events. The aim is to catch the Bunyip, a creature for […]  Read More »

Chilly Willy

“Chilly Willy” is a “Pengo” clone (“Pengo” is a Sega game about a penguin navigating a maze of ice cubes). John Passfield wrote “Chilly Willy” in 1984, for the Microbee system, while he was still in high school. Passfield was […]  Read More »

City Lander

“City Lander” is an arcade action game. To score points, you have to land the spacecraft in the underground city on landing pads. When 100 points are scored, you move to screen 2 and to greater challenges: now you have […]  Read More »

Dinky Kong

“Dinky Kong” is a “Donkey Kong” clone, written by Mark Sibly during his school days. It has 10 Levels, all in 3.5KB. Sibly did the cover artwork using Letraset, and his father got copies of the cover art printed, to […]  Read More »

Donut Dilemma

Nickolas Marentes describes “Donut Dilemma” as his best game for the TRS-80 Model 1. “Donut Dilemma” was inspired by the donut kiosk his family owned: “We had this donut making machine where you filled one end with dough mix and […]  Read More »

Hoards of the Deep Realm

In “Hoards of the Deep Realm”, you are the hero who must retrieve stolen treasures hoarded in the underground caverns of the Deep Realm. During play, you must dodge and out-manoeuvre the fiery wraiths that guard these treasures. At the […]  Read More »

Horace Goes Skiing

“Horace Goes Skiing”, released in 1982, was a spin-off from the successful “Hungry Horace”. “Horace Goes Skiing” is initially similar to the arcade game “Frogger”. In this instance, Horace has to negotiate a busy and dangerous road, in order to […]  Read More »

Hungry Horace

“Hungry Horace” offered gameplay based of the popular arcade game “Pac-Man”, it was celebrated as the first arcade game for the Spectrum. It was one of the few Spectrum games that were also available in ROM format. It formed part […]  Read More »

Melbourne Draw

“Melbourne Draw” is one of a couple graphics toolkits that were created for the ZX Spectrum in the early 1980s. It was launched to widespread publicity, with “Crash” magazine saying that ‘”Melbourne Draw” stands out clearly as a professional tool […]  Read More »


The tastefully named “Penetrator” was one of Beam Software’s earliest games. Designed for the ZX Spectrum by Philip Mitchell and Veronika Megler the game is a clone of Konami’s popular 1981 arcade game “Scramble”. A sideways scrolling shooter “Penetrator” recreates […]  Read More »

Rock’n Wrestle

“Rock’n Wrestle” (known as “Bop’n Wrestle” in the US) was one of the first games to have 3D movement  through space. The game allowed for single or dual player modes, using the joystick or the keyboard supporting twenty-four wrestling manoeuvres. […]  Read More »

Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo

“Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo”, is based on a successful comic book by Stan Sakai. The hero is an anthropomorphic rabbit named Miyamoto Usagi, living in seventeenth-century Japan. Usagi is a masterless samurai (a ronin), who wanders the […]  Read More »

Sherlock“Sherlock” is a 1984 text adventure developed by Philip Mitchell and Beam Software. It was published by Melbourne House. The game is based on the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books featuring the super sleuth Sherlock Holmes, fiction’s most famous […]  Read More »

The Hobbit

“The Hobbit” was one of the first major games produced in Australia, and is considered a classic text adventure. In 1985, it was voted number 1 in Sinclair User’s ‘Top 50 Spectrum Software Classics’. To create the game Beam’s director […]  Read More »

The Way of the Exploding Fist

“The Way of the Exploding Fist” was one of Beam Software’s best-selling games, and reached number one in Europe. It was one of the first ‘beat-‘em-up’ games for the home computer and the first multi-move beat em up. Jordan Mechner’s […]  Read More »

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