Games suitable for: 1984

Bunyip Adventure

“Bunyip Adventure” is a conventional text adventure that is set in outback Australia. The top half of the screen displays your current static position. The bottom half logs dynamic events. The aim is to catch the Bunyip, a creature for […]  Read More »

Chilly Willy

“Chilly Willy” is a “Pengo” clone (“Pengo” is a Sega game about a penguin navigating a maze of ice cubes). John Passfield wrote “Chilly Willy” in 1984, for the Microbee system, while he was still in high school. Passfield was […]  Read More »

City Lander

“City Lander” is an arcade action game. To score points, you have to land the spacecraft in the underground city on landing pads. When 100 points are scored, you move to screen 2 and to greater challenges: now you have […]  Read More »

Dinky Kong

“Dinky Kong” is a “Donkey Kong” clone, written by Mark Sibly during his school days. It has 10 Levels, all in 3.5KB. Sibly did the cover artwork using Letraset, and his father got copies of the cover art printed, to […]  Read More »

Donut Dilemma

Nickolas Marentes describes “Donut Dilemma” as his best game for the TRS-80 Model 1. “Donut Dilemma” was inspired by the donut kiosk his family owned: “We had this donut making machine where you filled one end with dough mix and […]  Read More »


“QB” was written by Andrew Davie when he was still at school, and was released to the Melbourne Atari User’s Group around 1986, for free. The game is still available online for download/play but was never published. The goal of […]  Read More »

Raft-Away River

“Raft-Away River” is an adventure simulation game for two to six players. It is designed to encourage the social skills of effective communication, co-operative behaviour, and problem solving as a group. It also stimulates reading, comprehension and the interpretation of […]  Read More »

Sherlock“Sherlock” is a 1984 text adventure developed by Philip Mitchell and Beam Software. It was published by Melbourne House. The game is based on the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books featuring the super sleuth Sherlock Holmes, fiction’s most famous […]  Read More »

Vortex Blaster

“Vortex Blaster” is a shoot ’em up game with speech. It is one of only two Sega SC-3000 games to feature digitised speech. The object of the game is to penetrate as far into the vortex field as you can. […]  Read More »

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