Games suitable for: Platform Game

Donut Dilemma

Nickolas Marentes describes “Donut Dilemma” as his best game for the TRS-80 Model 1. “Donut Dilemma” was inspired by the donut kiosk his family owned: “We had this donut making machine where you filled one end with dough mix and […]  Read More »

Halloween Harry

“Halloween Harry”, according to creator John Passfield’s blog, was ‘inspired by “Ghostbusters”‘. The game is set in the 21st century, and features Harry, a ghost hunter, facing off against all sorts of evil across 13 levels. Essentially, it is a […]  Read More »

Hoards of the Deep Realm

In “Hoards of the Deep Realm”, you are the hero who must retrieve stolen treasures hoarded in the underground caverns of the Deep Realm. During play, you must dodge and out-manoeuvre the fiery wraiths that guard these treasures. At the […]  Read More »


“Smurfs” is a platform game in which you use the joystick in Port 2, with fire to jump over prickles, avoid eggs, and to reach Smurfette at the end level. There are three stages – horizontally scrolling, vertically scrolling, and […]  Read More »

Sorceror’s Apprentice

In “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, you play the part of an old man who is blessed with the King’s magic powers. The reason for this is that the King wants you to free the land from the forces of darkness. You enter […]  Read More »

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